PÛRA Media Bags

Product Details

PÛRA Media Bags - 300-micron professional media bags with self-closure!

PÛRA Media Sock - stretchable and flexible 200/300-micron media sock!


Media Bags:
  • Three 6 x 12 in 300-micron bags per pack.
  • Self closure & leak proof.
  • Washable and reusable.
Media Sock:
  • A 36 x 7.75 in stretchable sock.
  • Pre-closed bottom and adjustable length.
  • Washable and reusable.

PÛRA Media Bags are designed for professional filtration applications. 300-micron mesh keeps media in preventing fines from washing out of the bag. Self-fastening closure is far superior to drawstrings and provides an additional leak proof safety factor.

PÛRA Media Socks are designed to provide enormous flexibility in containing bulk medias in many filtration devices without water bypass.


Part No. Description
696640004142 3-pack 6" x 12" 300-micron bags
696640004159 36" x 7.75" media sock