Simplicity UV-Catalytic

Product Details

Simplicity UV-Catalytic Chemical Reactor employs a permanent titanium-dioxide catalyst to break down organic aquarium waste and a special blend of reef grade carbon and ferric-hydroxide-oxide to remove this waste out of the aquarium.

The photo catalytic reaction utilizes none-germicidal UV light to generate hydroxyl and super oxide radicals on the surface of the catalytic cell. These radicals break down complex organic molecules and completely mineralize them into carbon dioxide, water, and mineral acids. The Simplicity Reactor Media scavenges the broken down waste, as well as phosphates, silicates, and other waste byproducts. When using the Simplicity UV-Catalytic Reactor and the Simplicity Reactor Media according to instructions, no other use of chemical filter media will be necessary to achieve total nutrient control.


  • Reactor accepts up to 16 oz of Simplicity Reactor Media.
  • 50 - 200 GPH flow rate.
  • Bagless operation. No bags, no mess!
  • 300-micron replaceable screens.
  • Self-cleaning feature.

Technical Specifications

System type: fresh & saltwater aquariums
System volume: 50 to 180 Gal (189 to 681 L)
Media type: Simplicity Reactor Media
UV source: 3 LED chips; 8700 uW total output
UV wavelength: 365 nm (none-germicidal)
Optical power: 2600 uW/sin (403 uW/scm)
Catalyst: proprietary composition with TiO2
Cell reliability: 100% performance at 10,000 hr
Power supply I/P: AC 100-240V 50/60GHz 03A*
Power supply plug: "American" Type A with two parallel flat prongs *
Power supply O/P: DC 15V 1A
DC cables: 2 sections 6 ft (18 m) each from power supply & catalytic cell
DC connectors: size N coaxial DC power plug & jack
Media chamber: 16 oz (454 g)
Flow rate: 50 to 200 GPH (189 to 757 LPH)**
Fitting: 05 in (127 mm) barbed
Overall dimensions: 55 in DIA x 525 in Height
Screen: replaceable 300-micron polyester
* requires plug adapter for operation in other countries
** requires small pump or powerhead for operation


Part No. Description
696640005057 Simplicity UV-Catalytic Reactor
696640005033 Replacement screen kit (4 screens)
696640004180 Simplicity Reactor Media (16 oz / single load)

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